More than 200 killed in Colombia mudslides

Putumayo [Colombia], Apr. 2 : More than 200 people were killed and many others wet missing after heavy rains caused mudslides in Colombia's Putumayo province.

CNN quoted Gabriel Umana, a spokesman for the Colombian Red Cross, as saying that 234 people have died and 220 are missing.

He said at least 300 families have been displaced. "Unfortunately, it is possible that the number of deaths will go up because we have a lot of missing people," Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos said.

He said the country is facing a disaster caused by nature and by climate change. Santos has declared a state of emergency in the country following the natural calamity. Heavy rains battered the southwestern region of the country causing three rivers in the area, including the Mocoa and San Boyaco, overflowing and unleashing muddy waves into homes.

Source: ANI