Morgan Freeman voices AI assistant in Mark Zuckerberg’s film

London [UK], Dec. 24 : Mark Zuckerberg and Morgan Freeman have teamed up just in time for Christmas to deliver a new futuristic film featuring a home-help Artificial Intelligence.

Only available on Facebook, the film captures the magic of daily life when Zuckerberg's AI called Jarvis assists with everything from playing with the children until you wake up, to passing you the day's clothing as you walk to the kitchen, to having toast waiting when you get there, observes the Telegraph.

In the video, the actor's booming voice greets Zuckerberg when the Facebook CEO wakes up in the morning.

Jarvis also plays music and helps him get dressed by firing him a gray t-shirt with a T-shirt cannon. After catching the shirt, Zuckerberg turns, smiles and says, "Hell yeah." Zuckerberg's "fun" alternate reality film shows off the functions of his very own Jarvis, which has been a year in the making.

Last year, Zuckerberg announced that he wanted to harness Facebook's AI technology to help in his home and created an app that would help the project's debut.

Source: ANI