MP to reserve 70% private jobs for locals: Kamal Nath

Bhopal, July 9 : The Madhya Pradesh government on Tuesday announced that it will soon bring a law to reserve 70 per cent of private jobs in the state for local youths.

Chief Minister Kamal Nath made the announcement in the Assembly on Tuesday.

Kamal Nath was replying to a question asked by BJP MLA Yashpal Singh Sisodia on fixing the age limit for employment of youths from outside the state and giving concessions to the local youths.

The Chief Minister said: "The government will soon make a law to end unemployment in the state and give local youths priority in the private sector."

"For many years, unemployed youths were subjected to injustice..On the very next day, I took oath as the Chief Minister I had announced that the youths of Madhya Pradesh would have to be given 70 per cent of the jobs by the private companies which would avail financial and other facilities from the government under the Industry Promotion Policy 2014 (as amended 2018)," he said.

Kamal Nath informed the Assembly that his government issued an order to the Department of Industrial Policy and Investment Promotion on December 19, 2018 which makes it mandatory to provide the permanent residents of Madhya Pradesh with 70 per cent of the total employment provided by these companies.

"Only those companies which stick to the order will be able to avail benefits from the government."

Kamal Nath underlined that in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Bengal, competitive exams include a local language test due to which aspirants from many states including Madhya Pradesh cannot apply.



Source: IANS