MSN initiates phase III trials of Molnupiravir

Hyderabad, 25 May : MSN Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. (MSN) on Tuesday announced it is initiating phase III clinical trials of Molnupiravir capsules for the treatment of Covid-19 in India.

MSN received clinical trial approval from the Drug Controller General of India on May 19 to perform Molnupiravir capsules' efficacy and safety study on mild to moderate Covid-19 patients.

MSN will start its clinical trials in more than 40 sites across India and the first dosing is expected to begin soon.

The clinical trials will be performed on more than 2,400 subjects suffering from mild to moderate Covid-19.

Molnupiravir is an experimental drug having antiviral properties and is currently under clinical stage study for Covid treatment.

The MSN R (and) D team has developed both the API and formulation. It is expecting to soon launch the drug after successful conclusion of clinical study followed by regulatory approval.

The firm claimed to be the front-runner in introducing various drugs in the treatment of Covid-19 and its complications,

Last week it announced the launch of Posaone (Posacanazole) in the treatment of black fungus.

As part of the Covid treatment range, MSN has already launched Favilow (Favipiravir) in the strengths of 200mg, 400mg and 800mg, Oselow (Oseltamivir) as 75 mg capsules and licensed Baridoz (Baricitinib) recently with Eli Lilly.



Source: IANS