Mumbai: One detained for smuggling 25kg Agarwood

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Dec. 25 : The Airport Intelligence Unit (AIU) on Sunday detained a person for smuggling 25 kilogram of Agarwood from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai.

The agency intercepted Mohammad Dilawar Hussain Talukdar, hailing from Asam's Jugijan, while departing to Riyadh by flight.

The export of Agarwood is restricted and is allowed only under licence and shall also be regulated according to the rules notified under the Biological (Diversity) Act, 2002.

"Since the passenger has violated the Export policy as he attempted to smuggle the said Agarwood out of India without having any authorisation, a case has been registered against him and the said goods were seized under the provisions of the Customs Act, 1962," the AIU said in a statement.

The agency has also referred the case to the state forest department for necessary action. Agarwood is native to the regions of northern India.The people who deal with it treasure its musky odour.

The aromatic properties of Agarwood when burnt or distilled are extraordinary and there is high demand for the resinous wood to make incense, perfume and as traditional medicine.

Source: ANI