Muslim Prof at BHU wants to focus on Sanskrit

Varanasi, Dec 12 : He has been in the eye of the storm for over a month, but his calm exterior does not reveal any signs of turmoil that he may have experienced within.

After he was accorded a warm welcome in the department of Sanskrit that he has joined after resigning from his position in the faculty of Sanskrit Vidya Dharma Vigyan (SVDV), Dr Feroz Khan said, "I am very happy here at BHU.

I want to focus on teaching and academic activities in the department now. I want to teach and I want to study."

He said he wanted to pursue his love for Sanskrit and also promote the language.

"I have a plan in mind but let me start my teaching duties first," he said.

Dr Feroz Khan, who had qualified for the post of Assistant Professor in different faculties in BHU, refused to speak on the controversy that made him opt for a change of faculty.

"I have come on my own wish and do not want to say anything more," he said.

Talking about BHU, Khan said that it was a great university and he felt happy to have got an opportunity to teach here under the guidance of senior professors.

He refused to speak a word about the controversy over his appointment, the month-long protest and the students of SVDV.

"I believe in looking forward not behind," he said.

"I want to make it clear that I joined the department of Sanskrit on my own.

I want to request the media to leave me alone now so that I can focus on teaching and academic activities.

Let me live in peace and let me focus on teaching," he said with folded hands.

Dr Feroz Khan was appointed Assistant Professor in the SVDV on November 7 which triggered protest by students of the faculty.

The students insisted that as a Muslim, Khan could not be allowed to teach them 'karam-kand' (rituals).

The protests ended only when Dr Khan resigned on Monday and opted for another faculty.



Source: IANS