Must haves for bridal trousseau

New Delhi, Oct 4 : The trousseau is an exciting and much dreamt about part of the wedding journey for the bride-to-be but when she actually comes to the task, the thought is daunting given the million other things that are in need of immediate attention.

However keeping in mind a few things can make your task easy.

To aid in this process and guide the to be wed towards curating a stylish, classic yet contemporary bridal trousseau, Venkatesh S., Lead designer at BlueStone Jewellery, offers some tips for a bride's jewellery choices.

* Keep the balance between heavy and light: The outfits for the ceremonial gatherings during the wedding often become the key focus for the bride and her family.

However, the trousseau should also cater well to the numerous occasions and events that the bride and groom need to constantly attend after the wedding with their extended family and friends.

They are the guests of honour at these events with all eyes on them therefore it's crucial for the new bride to be looking her best in light, classic outerwear jewellery options.

Solitaire earrings or any kind of simple diamond earrings are a must because of their flexibility in usage.

Cocktail rings are another must have for a contemporary bride's trousseau.

* Include heirloom pieces: Heirloom watches and jewellery from your mother and grandmother should definitely be included in the trousseau.

The modern bride can always consider customizing parts of her heirloom jewellery to curate modern pieces which also continue to hone the charm of age old traditions.

* Make gemstones a part of your collection: Investing in gemstones like rubies, sapphire, emerald, tourmalines will add colour to your jewellery.

Besides, they will continue to be a great investment over a period of time.

Couture designer Ayushi Bhasin has some inputs to share in terms of apparel.

* Brides are now moving away from the traditional colour palette and love experimenting.

The trousseau should have a mix of fresh colours, bold prints and contemporary silhouettes.

* The newly-wed couple continues the celebrations with parties thrown throughout the year. For the same, a bride can stand out in contemporary silhouettes and lightly embroidered outfits. An embroidered top in a flowy silhouette with palazzo pants or a pleated sharara with a spaghetti strap kurta would give an edgy look to the bride.

* Strike a balance with the jewellery and clothes. Pair heavy jhumkas with youthful silhouettes in pastel colours. They bring attention to the beautiful face of the bride, striking a balance in the whole look. For smaller occasions, do away with the necklace and go with jhumkas to strike a balance between the outfit and jewellery.



Source: IANS