Nagaland: Ao Naga tribe revels in Moatsu celebrations

Nagaland [India], May 12 : Nagaland's Ao Naga community celebrated its Moatsu festival with grandeur. The three day Moatsu festival was celebrated post seed sowing and marks a time of relaxation after the toil and labour of the sowing season in Dimapur.

The Ao Naga community is one of the prominent tribes of Nagaland. The celebration was marked by numerous traditional Ao folk songs, dances and short play based on Ao folklores.

The festival highlighted the traditional and cultural aspects of Moatsu festival through various forms of vigorous folk dances and traditional songs.

The men dressed up in traditional gears and performed traditional warrior dances during the celebrations.

Moatsu festival remains one of the premier festivals of the Ao Nagas and highlights the exquisite practices and values of the people of Nagaland.

Source: ANI