Namit Das pens note about cobbler who trained him for ‘A Suitable Boy’ role

Mumbai, Feb 22 : Actor Namit Das, who was last seen in Mira Nair's OTT-released series A suitable boy, on Monday recalled learning how to make a shoe for his role.

The actor wrote a long post on Instagram remebrering the time he did workshops with a local cobbler to hone his skills for the role.

Posting a picture of himself in the get-up of a cobbler, he wrote: "Last year while working on 'A suitable boy' I had to go and train with a local cobbler.

The idea was to make me more comfortable with the shoe making process for a sequence in the show which was about Haresh making a shoe.

One could have never learnt the process in ten sessions but just sitting with the desi cobbler made me come close to what it meant to be Haresh.

He knows how to make a shoe and hence the knowledge of how to be self sufficient in a world that is constantly wanting you to be dependent on many things.

There is that sense of the dignity in this guy in the most challenging situations. He is good at making something which is considered secondary but its a basic necessity which one can't do away with.

And all of this in the context of 1952 when India was only 5 years old."

The actor, who shared screen space with actors Ishaan Khatter and Tabu in the show, went on to write: "I spent a few days on the road with the desi cobbler.

Touching (and) cutting leather. And I can't even begin to tell you how difficult it was. It's tough work because it's heavy on your back. The toughest part is when you have to shave the soft part of the wrong side of the leather. I never got it right. I don't think i can be successful in learning the craft in this lifetime but what i learnt was staying grounded.

Shoes are essential. Your feet need it. You need them. The love that you get from an old shoe is similar to the love that you get in an old relationship. Keep both of these safe because only they know what you need the most."

In the end, he thanked director Mira Nair and hopes to meet the cobbler one day, who sits near VT station in Mumbai.

"Thank you Mira for making these classes happen.

I forget to remember what that shoe maker's name was. But he sits near VT station. One day i am going to meet him and ask him how he is. Hope he recognises me," he ended the post on an emotional note.



Source: IANS