Neha Bhasin: ‘I was 49 kgs in Viva and I was fat shamed everyday’

Mumbai, Feb 15 : Singer Neha Bhasin on Monday revealed that she was fat-shamed regularly during her stint with the pop group Viva, but has now learnt how to feel sexier in her skin.

Neha posted a picture on Instagram with a message next to it, recalling how she has gained weight during lockdown but she doesn't care about such things anymore.

"I was 49 kgs in Viva and I was fat shamed everyday. I am 65kgs here. I put on weight in quarantine and I have never felt sexier. Weight is a number you can change but shaming one self is damaging and toxic. Sex appeal is not in your body parts. It's in you," she wrote.

"Sex appeal in not in your size, it's in you. Be you.", adding to that in one post, she wrote, "Sexist exotic lady of all times #matahari didn't have abs.

It's time we embrace human bodies in their natural form. I am all for fitness but I do not condone fat shaming, starvation, low esteem because actresses have washboard abs.

Judging oneself and others, fake beauty standards, lies on social media by women who may have had procedures, put out wrong messages," she added in another post.

Neha recently released her romantic track Taara.



Source: IANS