Neha Kakkar gives Rs 1 lakh to Shantabai Pawar aka Warrior Aaji

Mumbai, Dec 24 : Singer Neha Kakkar has given one lakh rupees to Shantabai Pawar, who became an internet sensation after a video of her performing Lathi Kathi on a street in Pune went viral.

Popular as Warrior Aaji, Pawar said: "I'm performing since I was eight years old.

People mostly remain indoors due to Covid, so I clang utensils to make them aware of my performance. I now take care of 10 orphan girls and provide for them. There are times when I go hungry in order to feed these girls."

Now in her eighties, she also mentioned that she faces trouble doing the Lathi Kathi act due to physical limitations.

She shared her story during an appearance on the show "Indian Idol", which has Neha as one of the judges.

Inspired by her, Neha offered Rs 1 lakh to Pawar, to support her for good work.

"Indian Idol" airs on Sony Entertainment Television.



Source: IANS