Nepal marks 10th Republic Day with fervor

Kathmandu [Nepal], May 29 : Nepal on Monday celebrated its 10th Republic Day with fervor and enthusiasm by organising various programmes on Monday.

A grand procession was organized at "Tundikhel" where various cultural activities as well as parade by security forces and different organizations were showcased.

The event was observed by Nepal President Vidhya Devi Bhandari, Vice- President Nanda Bahadur Pun, Prime Minister of caretaker government Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Chief Justice Sushila Karki and House Speaker Onsari Gharti Magar.

The head of Republic Day event organizing committee and prime minister of caretaker government Pushpa Kumar Dahal wished everyone on the occasion.

Dahal also expressed his confidence that the government will complete the responsibility of holding remaining two-tier election by first month of next year.

"The constitutional provision of holding the elections of local level, province and federal assembly by first week of January, 2018 will be completed by the new government.

I also am confident that all the political parties, governmental officials, security bodies, Election Commission and people will take the second phase election as an occasion completing their responsibility sincerely like that of first phase election," Dahal said addressing the procession.

After the success of people's movement succeeding to overthrow over two century old monarchy system, Nepal re-established the democracy on 2006.

The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly on 28th May, 2008 declared Nepal a Federal Democratic Republic.

Though the parliament at that time was dissolved after failing to promulgate new constitution which it was destined to Nepal got its' first republic constitution with federalism on 2015 but the constitution which was promulgated on September, 2015 fragmented the country into section pushing Madhesh based parties to go for protest.

Dahal after his resignation last week accepted that the people have not been able to experience the true essence of republic governance.

"The republic achieved on the base of democracy indeed has resulted mentionable change in the political level but the political changes has failed to bring significant change in the life of people," Prime Minister Dahal said.

Every year Nepal has been marking the day with great fervor as it was announced without any bloodshed and marked a new start with the adaptation of new concept of federalism for overall development of the nation.

It is also regarded as a milestone to formally end a decade long Maoist insurgency..

Source: ANI