Nepal plans to include yoga in school curriculum

Kathmandu, June 22 : The preparation of new school curriculum, which will include yoga, in Nepal is in the final stages, Neplese Minister for Education, Science and Technology Giriraj Mani Pokharel has said.

The government was revising the school curriculum to make it more practical and to contribute to public health, Pokharel said here on Friday.

"Considering the high importance, we will include subjects like yoga, ayurveda, medicinal herbs and natural treatment in the school curriculum," he was quoted as saying by Xinhua news agency.

The government is preparing to introduce these subjects in Grade 8 to 12.

These subjects will also be part of a three-year diploma course under the Institute Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training.

Yoga, which has been gaining popularity in Nepal, is regarded as essential element for a healthy and balanced life.

Prime Minister K.P.

Sharma Oli said yoga and meditation were solutions to fight growing anger and hatred in the world. "People are suffering from greed, aggression and selfishness. To free from such negativity and reach a balanced mental state, yoga and meditation are the solutions," he said.

Referring to yoga developed in the Himalayas thousands of years ago by sages, he said Nepal could set up an international meditation centre.

Oli said there was no place in the world to understand meditation better than the Himalayas due to its pristine and sacred water, air and environment.



Source: IANS