Netizens fight for girl’s ‘missing pencil’

New Delhi, Feb 2 : An adorable video of a little girl's passionate rant about her missing pencil is doing the rounds on the social media.

It all started after the little girl who earned a pink-coloured pencil for having perfect attendance at school went missing in school.

In the viral video, the little girl said, "Yesterday, I put my pink 'Perfect Attendance' pencil in the sharpening box?I'm the only one who has the same type of those [pencils]," she explains to her mother."

The little one explains the situation and goes on to unveil the name of her classmate who she thinks took the pencil.

Further adding, she will ask it back.

At the end of the video, to which her mother replies, "It's just a pencil." But it's not.

"It's a Perfect Attendance Pencil," Taylor scoffs.

An Instagram user shared the video of the little and wrote "But It's my Pencil...She earned her for perfect attendance so she was super serious.

I told her it wasn't that serious and they all do the same thing."

Since being shared just a day back, the video has ended up gathering close to 1.38 lakh views, till now.

As the post went viral, social media has been abuzz with reactions.

A user wrote: "I love how she was able to self modulate.

Like she knew she was being a little hyperbolic so she toned it down."

Another wrote: "Absolutely!!!! She needs her pencil.

She knows fair is fair she earned it. Give her the pencil back Lizzie!"

A post read: "Future POTUS. Know your facts. Know your worth. And go get that pencil back girl. You earned it."

A Tweeple remarked, "Poor sweetheart. You would think the teacher could just give her another pink pencil. She gotta put her name on it."



Source: IANS