New app can help you tackle depression

New Delhi [India], Oct. 10 : On the accession of World Mental Health day, has launched a new application 'ePsyClinic Lite Android' for the people suffering from anxiety and distress issues.

The sufferers can instantly connect and chat with guidance psychologists of ePsyClinic, who provide the first level of support and help a person to channelise his or her emotions and pain positively.

It also has abundant free help resources like articles for help that can help the people deal better with stress and other issues.

It is just 2.40 mb in size and easy to use. Speaking at the launch event, Shipra Dawar, Founder and CEO of ePsyClinic, said: "At ePsyClinic we are constantly thinking of how we can make mental health services more accessible and affordable to everyone one who needs it, ePsyClinic Lite is a small but important step towards this direction." "Whenever anyone is distressed they can consult instantly with a counselor without having to wait for booking appointments etc.

The entire process of this app is extremely streamlined. And it is the application that anyone can use and get help with. Our team is also working to bring in a technology solution that will revolutionize the treatment and management of psychological issues.

I will talk more about this product closer to its launch," she added..

Source: ANI