New currency notes: Snake-like queues form outside ATMs from wee hours

New Delhi [India], Nov. 11 : With the ATMs opening today nearly 48 hours post Prime Minister Narendra Modi's radical announcement about scrapping of the 500 and 1000 rupees notes, long queues made by anxious citizens were seen across the nation with the new currency notes available for withdrawal.

The withdrawal limit is of 2,000 rupees per day per card for all the customers at bank ATMs. A number of steps have been taken by bank authorities to facilitate withdrawal of money from ATMs, exchange currency at banks, withdraw money from accounts.

After November 19th limit of per day per card transaction will increase up to 4000 rupees. Long queues, heavy jostling and chaos ensued in the national capital yesterday as people thronged to banks to exchange notes.

Queues extending to roads were seen outside the banks throughout the day. However, the bank employees handled the rush aptly as the people seemed elated by the smooth response.

Elaborate security arrangements were in place at the banks and post offices after they started public transactions.

In the banks, people were asked to submit a filled form and a copy of identity proof to exchange the demonetized notes.

Source: ANI