New year festivities peaceful in Gurugram but COVID norms flouted

Gurugram, Jan 1 : The new year celebrations were by and large peaceful in Gurugram district even as revellers flouted social distancing norms at almost all party venues.

People could be seen enjoying at the parties in groups without face masks and social distance.

Many inebriated youths were seen roaming on the roads without face masks.

A large number of people thronged the Sector 29 clubs and market and Cyber Hub whereas the crowd on the MG Road here was much less than last year.

More than 4,000 policemen were deployed across the city, including over 1,500 on the MG Road, Sector 29 market area, and Cyber Hub.

Traffic police personnel were stationed at various locations to ensure smooth flow of traffic though they did not use alcometers to catch drink-driving offenders due to coronavirus pandemic.

"We had deployed a large number of police in view of new year celebrations.

No untoward incidents were reported across the district. A large groups of people had assembled at the Sector 29 market as police remained on alert to avoid any untoward incident," Gurugram Police Commissioner KK Rao said.

On the MG Road, a little crowd gathered before midnight to welcome the new year.

The party hub was largely peaceful till around midnight, when it witnessed a few skirmishes. Most liquor vends shut at the stipulated time in the city.

"We ensured that new year events were peaceful in the district.

The police kept a wary eye on anti-social elements. We have zero-tolerance policy on hooliganism on roads," Rao said.



Source: IANS