NGO pays Rs. 4 lakh fine to release Pak woman with India-born daughter from Amritsar jail

Amritsar (Punjab)[India], Apr. 7 : A fine of Rs. four lakh was paid to the Indian court by Batala-based NGO 'Sarbat Da Bhala' to save a Pakistani mother and her India-born daughter.

The Pakistani woman Fatima along with her sister was arrested at the Attari railway station in 2006 while they were travelling from Pakistan to India in Samjohta train.

Both the women were arrested for the possession of contraband drugs. The Indian court pronounced her ten years of rigorous imprisonment and a fine of Rs four lakh after finding her convicted and also stated that if they unable to pay off the fine they will have to stay more in the prison.

At the time of arrest, Fatima was pregnant and had delivered her baby girl Hina in the jail. President of Society for Women Empowerment and Green Causes Advocate Navjot Kaur Chabba, who is facilitating the release of the two women and Indian girl Hina, said that she had met all the three in the jail on Thursday.

"Both of them are very happy with their early release and have expressed gratitude towards everyone pursuing their case and have also urged the Pakistan government and Pak NGO's to come forward to help Indians lodged in Pak jail" she said.

Source: ANI