NGT directs Delhi government to impound diesel four wheelers

New Delhi [India], Nov. 28 : The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Monday directed the Delhi government and the Delhi Police to impound four wheelers running on diesel in the capital under the Environment Protection Act.

The bench also directed the Aam Aadmi Party (AAp) government to hold a meeting with the neighbouring states on the issue of identifying land pockets to be used for impounding four wheelers.

"Vehicle which are already impounded from many years and are in scraped conditions must be removed with immediate effect from Delhi," the NGT said.

The Delhi Development Authority suggested two lands in Delhi for impounding purposes. Earlier, the NGT had ordered Delhi government to strictly stop over 10-year old diesel vehicles from plying on the roads in the national capital.

The government had also faced a barrage of searching questions on the alarming air pollution levels. The bench expressed its displeasure that its earlier order banning 10 years old diesel vehicles was not being seriously executed and hoards of them were still visible on the roads with the traffic police doing nothing in the matter.

Source: ANI