NGT raps UP Govt. over contaminated groundwater

New Delhi [India], Apr 25 : The National Green Tribunal (NGT) on Tuesday showed its displeasure with the Uttar Pradesh Government on poor implementation of its order and asked why the tribunal should not close the industries which are polluting the river and groundwater of six districts of the western part of the state.

After going through the report prepared by the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA), the tribunal observed that it is sad that the public at large is suffering due to consumption of contaminated groundwater.

It is important to note here that CGWA has told the NGT that Lead, Mercury, Nikel and other carcinogenic elements have been found in groundwater samples in the six districts of western Uttar Pradesh.

The tribunal was hearing a plea filed by Dr C.V. Singh, a retired senior scientist who has stated in his application that due to consumption of heavily contaminated groundwater, the farmers of more than 150 villages of western Uttar Pradesh are suffering from fatal diseases like Cancer and bone deformities.

The next hearing in this matter will take place tomorrow..

Source: ANI