No false case filed against Khaleda Zia, says Bangladesh PM

Dhaka [Bangladesh], Oct. 12 : Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said the government has filed no false lawsuit against Bangladesh Nationalist Party Chairperson Khaleda Zia, adding that all those cases are linked with her corruption and instigation for burning people alive and destruction in the name of movement.

Hasina has urged Khaleda that instead of giving the issue a political colour to the foreigners, she should face the cases to prove that she is not guilty of misappropriating money of orphans and the arson attacks, reports the Dhaka tribune.

Asking that "which case filed against her was false? Did not they burn people alive and set fire to hundreds of transports" the Prime Minister said that people were killed at their instruction and many people are still suffering from their assault.

Hasina said, "They will embezzle orphans' money and kill innocent people, and then they will expect that no case will be filed against them.

How is it possible? It is not a matter of delight." Referring about the false cases filed against her during the last caretaker government, the Bangladesh premier said that the caretaker government itself had become frightened when she decided to appear in the court against the fake cases.

"Whereas now the BNP chairperson is afraid of appearing in the court as she embezzled the orphans' money and was involved in the killings," Hasina said.

She blamed the BNP for giving indulgence to war criminals as the root cause of emergence of terrorists and militants in the country.

Source: ANI