No more queues! Netmeds launches medical bill reimbursement app

New Delhi [India], Feb 9. : Get rid of accumulating bundles of medical bills as the new 'Medmemo' app by Netmeds will make availing reimbursements very easy.

Bruce Schwack, the Co-Founder and Director, Communications of Netmeds launched the unique application.

No more queuing up outside the office to turn in bundles of medical receipts to the HR. For years, accumulating bills for medical reimbursements have been a daunting task for office employees.

The HR teams too have to go through an exhaustive procedure of validating the bills for medical reimbursements.

In order to ease the process for both the employees as well as the HR, Netmeds, the healthcare e-commerce portal known as 'India ki Pharmacy', has launched a new application, 'Medmemo'.

Designed especially for corporates, Medmemo is the brainchild of Bruce Schwack, the Co-Founder and Director, Communications of Netmeds, who is always on the lookout for new and advanced methods of reaching out to customers.

Medmemo is a unique in its ability to combine a pharmaceutical and OTC e-commerce platform with an electronic health records storage application.

Medmemo is a powerful new way of ordering medicines and healthcare products. Besides just managing medical bills for company or insurance reimbursements, Medmemo ensures doorstep delivery of medicines, anywhere in India at the click of a button! The app also offers up to 20 percent discount on prescription medicines and allows connecting with doctors' networks for free prescriptions.

In order to encourage HR departments to encourage their employees to make use of the Medmemo app, Netmeds has offered cashback remittances that every HR can make use of for CSR contributions, recreational activities, outings and parties.

Two percent cash back is assured on all purchases that will be paid directly to the HR teams of client companies.

Thus, Medmemo ensures quick, accurate and authentic consolidation of all medical purchases for annual medical reimbursements.

Netmeds has tied up and aggregated with a number of licensed local pharmacies to fulfil every customer's needs.

Through the new app, users can purchase medicines by uploading a photo of their prescription. Once the order is confirmed, the start-up's delivery staff will buy the medicines and deliver it to the customer's preferred address.

The new application, Medmemo is sure to drive more customers to avail of its services that are hassle-free and convenient to use.

Source: ANI