No Nipah virus infection reported in Delhi

New Delhi, May 31 : The Delhi government on Thursday, while issuing a health advisory for the Nipah virus, said that no incidence of the infection has been reported in the national capital as of now.

In the advisory, the Directorate General of Health Services said that the infection, spread from animals to humans, "can happen through infected bats by their bite or indirectly by consuming fruits contaminated by their saliva, close contact with infected pigs or patient of Nipah Virus infection".

People "having a viral fever like symptoms with neck rigidity" have been asked to report to a health care facility immediately and also asked not to self-medicate.

"Nipah Virus disease is not a major outbreak and only local occurrence limited to few districts in Kerala," the advisory said, adding that "no human infection of Nipah Virus infection has been reported in Delhi till date".



Source: IANS