No shortage of new notes, problem in transporting it across nation: Centre to SC

New Delhi [India], Nov. 23 : The Centre on Wednesday assured the Supreme Court that there was no dearth in the newly minted currency notes but the problem was in transporting the money to every nook and corner of the country, which was causing incovenience to the masses.

Representing the Centre, Attorney General Mukul Rohtagi conveyed to the apex court that the queues before ATMs and banks have been considerably reduced and claimed that situation would be normal in 20 days.

Asserting that the aim of demonetisation is to make people adopt digital mode of money transfer and reduce cash transaction to eight per cent in India, Rohtagi further said that the Centre has collected Rs.

six lakh crores and it expect Rs. 15 lakh crores in the next collection. However, the Supreme Court impressed upon the Attorney General the importance of ensuring the people do no panic and expressed its expectation of the situation to improve significantly in the coming days.

Rohtagi also informed the top court that the government has set up a committee which will assess the ground situation across the country on demonetisation move.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has refused to stay all hearings going on in various courts, issues notice to all petitioners against demonetisation seeking their reply.

The Supreme Court Bench headed by Chief Justice of India Tirath Singh Thakur refused to stay the hearings going on in various High courts and lower courts.

The centre had moved the apex court seeking transfer of all various hearings or cases relate to demonetization issue to the apex court.

Source: ANI