Non-bailable warrant issued against ex-BJP MLA Kotadia

Ahmedabad, May 17 : The Ahmedabad city civil and sessions court on Thursday issued a non-bailable warrant against former BJP MLA from Dhari, Nalin Kotadia, accused of Bitcoin extortion of a builder.

After serving repeated summons to Kotadia, the Gujarat Police filed an application for his arrest and judge P.J.

Tamakuwala issued the arrest warrant.

When his name appeared in the cryptocurrency extortion case, worth Rs 12 crore, of Surat-based builder Shailesh Bhatt, Kotadia made counter claims against Bhatt.

The CID crime summoned Kotadia to appear before it.

After two summons, Kotadia wrote to the CID, buying time till May 12. When he still didn't appear, the CID went looking for him at many places, including his Dhari residence.

If Kotadia still does not cooperate with the police, another warrant can be issued to declare him an absconder and seize his assets.



Source: IANS