Now, a book to help investing in stocks in time of demonetization

New Delhi [India], Dec.2 These are challenging times with global and local developments of unprecedented nature taking place around us.

The markets in India have reacted sharply to recent changes and now present an ideal opportunity for a long term investor to initiate a portfolio.

Given the peculiar features of the Indian economy and markets, there is a need for an approach to investing in India, specifically tailored to the country.

Considering the above, author Anshuman Khanna, Director, Valpro has launched his new book titled 'EQUITY: IN, A Hitchhiker's Guide To Investing In The Indian Markets'.

Published by Notion Press, the book is aimed at offering readers a systematic approach to investing specifically adapted to the unique aspects of the Indian markets especially in prevailing conditions with wild market fluctuation and demonetization.

Khanna is a Chartered Accountant and Lawyer by qualification with over 15 years' experience in Indian corporate arena.

He is one of the promoter directors of ANG Group which is a diversified business group that includes Valpro, which is a boutique investment banking firm, advising corporate companies in sectors such as oil (and) gas, infrastructure and education.

He is also the founding director of Enablers a web based start-up funding platform which has helped many startups in raising funds from HNIs, angel investors and VC funds.

Khanna said, "While the jury on the effects of demonetization is still out, it is an opportune time for anyone looking to play the long term India story, to initiate positions in their portfolio.

The need of the hour is to enable people to evaluate the impact of various regulatory and economic changes on companies and their businesses.

The goal is to enable the investors to identify investment worthy stocks and also explain the do and don'ts of investing in the Indian stock market.

EQUITY: IN. is targeted towards readers who are uninitiated to the Indian stock markets and the casual investors who may not be having a financial background or expertise but look to adopt a systematic approach to investing in Indian equities." he added.

'The EQUITY: IN, A Hitchhiker's Guide to Investing in the Indian Markets' provides an overview of the Indian equity markets highlighting what makes Indian markets unique and elaborates on the regulatory framework of India and the structure of ownership of companies in the Indian listed space.

It discusses a step by step approach to investment and discusses financials and valuation of companies with the use of case studies and price graphs.

The book uses examples from actual corporate events in the recent history to elucidate the points made by the author.

Numerous case studies and live examples of actual corporate and regulatory events have been discussed to elucidate the impact of these on companies and their stock prices.

The book is India centric and thus makes it an ideal read for not only Indian investors and readers but also foreign readers looking to participate in the India growth story at this opportune time.

Source: ANI