Now, an innovative machine to improve blood circulation of scalp

Tokyo [Japan], Sept.28 : Being able to expand a blood vessel with the power of near infrared rays which improves blood circulation of the scalp makes it an innovative machine.

JBM Co.Ltd. president Teruo Watabe said, "Anyone can receive the treatment. Only taking 60 minutes for normal people, after used about ten times the hair is recovered to its original condition.

The sales started in May 2016. The production of this machine cannot catch up with its orders." Including near infrared rays LED, this product uses four types of different functions, altogether 765 LEDs.

Since near infrared rays has strong biological effects, it is possible to treat ailments or the spots that other lights or treatments cannot handle.

Watabe further said, "Although it's little too bright, the near infrared rays are effective for the people with eyesight problems.

Also, after five or six times, the fine wrinkles on the surface get thinner." A user said, "It feels warm.

I get sleepy. It feels good." A visitor from India said, "One of my friends introduced me to the KISEKI Machine. We have encountered a miracle that will change your life. Today, I experienced the machine and I hope it will be popular in India." Watabe said, "Instead of the medicine that needs to be taken, the treatments with no side effects became the main stream.

There are many orders coming from Southeast Asia. We are working on delivering the products to Thailand, Malaysia, and India and trying to expand." It is said that there are more than 20 million population of AGA (male-type hair loss symptom)/FAGA (female-type hair loss symptom) in Japan alone.

It's good news for people who have trouble with their hair..

Source: ANI