Now, Artemis Hospital accused of overcharging, baby dies

Gurugram, Jan 18 : After Fortis, allegation of overcharging has been levelled against another city-based hospital by the family of a 17-month-old baby, who died here on Thursday.

The family of the deceased has accused that the hospital handed over a bill of Rs 46,000 for barely four hours of treatment, that too when they had lost their child.

Sudipa Debnath, who suffered from cough and fever, was admitted to Artemis Hospital on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday, after being denied treatment at four other city hospitals.

"My niece (Sudipa) was admitted to Artemis Hospital on Thursday at 1.30 a.m with cough and fever.

After speaking to the doctors, we were told to deposit Rs 30,000. But as I had only Rs 20,000, I informed that I can pay them only that much, to which they agreed," Prashant Debnath, uncle of the deceased, told IANS over phone.

Hailing from West Bengal, parents of Sudipa took her to four different hospitals, but all of them declined to provide her treatment.

Both Prashant and the bereaved father are in private service.

"My niece was initially taken to Polaris Hospital where they denied her admission, saying the health issue is minor.

Later, we took her to Sanjeevani and Cloudnine hospitals... They also didn't admit her. Finally, we took the baby to Artemis Hospital," said Prashant.

He said the Artemis doctors told them that the condition of the baby was not all that critical and that she would recover soon.

However, only hours later around 5.30 a.m, they were told that the baby had died.

Shocked over the death, the parents and Prashant inquired about the cause.

But according to them, the doctors declined to even speak to them and instead handed over the final bill of Rs 45,763.32.

Asked if the hospital authorities denied handing over the body before paying the bills, Debnath said: "The hospital was forcing us to pay the bills, but we did not.

Somehow, we got the body of my niece."

The family also alleged that the bills also mentioned charges for several medical accessories, which might not have been used, such as PM-O-Line and suction sets, among others.

When contacted, Artemis Hospital authorities declined to comment on the case.



Source: IANS