Now, get Aussie craft beer in Delhi

By Somdatta Saha New Delhi, Aug. 16 : Though India is not that familiar with the concept of craft beer, it is a trending factor in the western world, especially in the US and Australia.

However, Pradeep 'beer' Gidwani's 'The Pint Room' has brought in three fine craft beers to India, namely, Pale Ale, Fresh Press Cider and Pilsners.

Rather it is the first cafe to serve these fine beers. Speaking to ANI about the concept of craft beer, Gidwani said, "Craft beers are limited quantity high quality beers.

These beers use the finest raw materials and follow a tightly controlled brewing process which delivers far superior beers in comparison to mass produced commercial beers." Gidwani is an effervescent name in the world of booze with 28 years of experience in beverage industry across Asia.

According to him, people prefer quality and individualised taste; hence, the concept of craft beers trend in the western countries.

Further, talking about its acceptance in India, he stated, "In India too, we see a growth of craft beer.

Today people are exposed to trends from across the world and hence, craft beers will grow." On a related note, the rise of craft beer in Australia is leading some experts to believe that the brew might be the perfect drink for Australia's changing alcohol consumption habits.

Reportedly, as the rate of beer drinking declines in Australia, the craft beer industry continues to grow, with large-scale brewing operations, local craft beer gardens and gypsy brewers carving out their portion of the market.

So, if you want to taste something new and chill with friends, then 'The Pint Room' is just the perfect space for you.

Source: ANI