Nuclear proliferation linkages have clear Pak finger-prints: India

Geneva [Switzerland], Oct. 12 : India has rubbished Pakistan's Permanent Representative in the United Nations in Geneva, Tehmina Janjua's, accusations and said it is ironic that a country whose non-proliferation track record is marked by obstructionism seeks to convince the international community on its self-serving proposals.

"It is a matter of record that Pakistan is singularly responsible for blocking the international disarmament agenda and the Conference on Disarmament," said Siddhartha Nath, Counsellor, Conference on Disarmament, Geneva.

He reiterated that Pakistan is continuously supporting and importing terrorism which is causing instability in the region.

"The biggest threat to peace and stability comes from active promotion of terrorism and unbridled expansion of fissile material production and delivery systems for nuclear weapons under the shadow of a deeply disturbing and deeply entrenched nexus between state entities and non-state actors," he said.

The Counsellor called upon the international community to stand united against those whose persistent violations increase nuclear threat and proliferation risks.

"Nuclear proliferation linkages which are today active have clear Pakistan finger-prints," Nath said. The Pakistani envoy yesterday accused New Delhi of pursuing hegemonic policies in South Asia which is creating instability in the region.

Janjua said that peace and stability in South Asia would not be possible without resolving underlying disputes, especially the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, while agreeing on measures for nuclear and missile restraint, and instituting conventional forces balance.

Source: ANI