Obama predicts rising tensions on trade under Trump administration

Lima [Peru], Nov. 20 : US President Barack Obama has predicted that Donald Trump presidency won't result in major changes in policy for the US-Latin America relationship but tensions are likely to rise on the subject of trade.

Obama told the audience at the Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative in Peru on Saturday that once the incoming administration looks at how trade relationships are working, "they'll determine that it's actually good for both the United States and our trading partners," though he said "modifications" are possible.

Obama advised Latin America not to "assume the worst" on what a Trump presidency could mean for policies but to "wait until the administration is in place", reports the CNN.

Obama discussed the importance of democracy in the wake of the election, telling the audience that democracy means "the outcomes of elections don't always turn out the way you would have hoped." "Democracy is more than just elections.

Democracy can be frustrating because democracy means that you don't always get 100 percent of what you want.

Democracy means that sometimes you have to compromise. And it means that you know, the outcomes of elections don't always turn out the way you would have hoped," he said.

Peru is the final stop on the President's last trip abroad while in office. Earlier this week, Obama visited Athens and Berlin..

Source: ANI