OBOR is blood and rape of Balochs: Baloch Leader

Balochistan [Pakistan], May 14 : World Baloch Women's Forum president Naela Quadri Baloch has raised questions on the world leaders who are supporting and contributing to the One Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative of China.

At a time when the world leaders have congregated to attend the two-day ceremony One Belt One Road summit , Baloch Kurd liberation activist Naela Baloch asked "Why the world leaders are deciding about Balochistan in the name of development." Naela Baloch accused the Pakistani Army of carrying out brutal activities in Balochistan.

She said thousands of women are kept in rape cells where they are confined and subjected to brutal sexual assault.

She maintained that her struggle for liberation is not limited to women but extended to all quarters of Balochistan .

"The Baloch lawyers, doctors and engineers are being kidnapped by the Pakistani army," she said. Stating that Pakistan is committing this genocide of the Baloch people with the full support of China as a form of "ethnic cleansing", Naela said, "The International Human Rights is silent despite the atrocities and the level of genocide going on in Balochistan by the Pakistan Army and the Pakistani establishment.

" Accusing the Pakistan Army of having the licence to "kill, rape and torture Baloch people and to take out their organs to sell them", Naela has demanded that the United Nations - which has "turned blind and has closed its ears and mouth" - to wake up and listen what is going on in Balochistan.

"So, the Baloch nation is going to be finished from the face of the earth and the U.N. is silent and the international community is silent, it's a very-very worrisome situation for us," she added.

Source: ANI