Only 11 vaccinated among 3,156 Covid deaths in Goa: Official

Panaji, Aug 6 : Only 11 out of the 3,000 plus persons who died in Goa following a Covid-19 infection, were vaccinated, but they were suffering from severe comorbidities, according to a member of the state government's expert committee on Covid management.


Shekhar Salkar also said that only vaccination could prevent deaths caused by the pandemic.

"Out of the 3,000 persons who have died -- 2,000 of whom died in the second wave -- only 11 have died after vaccination, that too with severe comorbidities.

Vaccination can prevent 95.5 percent deaths," he said at a press conference on Friday.

"Tomorrow, even if there is a third wave, we are in a very positive way. We can fight and prevent deaths. In the end, deaths are important. We have to concentrate on how we can save, so early admission and get doctors' advice," he added.

As many as 3,156 persons have died in the state due to Covid related complications since March last year.

Salkar also said that after achieving more than 87 per cent vaccination (first jab) coverage in the state, the government now aimed to vaccinate bedridden patients, who are unable to visit vaccination centres for inoculation.

He also said that the target of 100 percent vaccination target was difficult to achieve, especially due to a section of society who refuse to be inoculated.

"There are 5 to 10 per cent people in society who will never listen to what you say.

They will do just the opposite of what you say. So, I feel we have done maximum. Just because you say 100 per cent, it can never be 100 per cent. It cannot happen," Salkar also said.



Source: IANS