Only essential staff to work in Govt depts, banks and PSUs

New Delhi, March 22 : The government on Sunday issued fresh advisory asking all government departments to allow staff required to run essential services to a tend office between March 23-31 as part of exercise to contain the spread of Covid-19.

In a office memorandum, the Department of Personnel and Training has said that head of departments will be required to draw a roster of staff including officers, consultants, outsourced employees, who would render essential services within each department.

On these will attend office during the period of lockdown, so that offices function with skeletal staff.

The said instructions are not applicable to people engaged in emergency services.

The Department of Financial Services and Department of Public Enterprises have also been asked to issue similar instructions so that offices of financial institutions including banks and public sector enterprises also function just with essential staff over the next week.

The advisory has further said that officials who are working from home should be available on telephone and other electronic means of communication at all times and be ready to attend office in case of exigencies at work.

The rostering plan will also be followed by autonomous bodies and statutory bodies.



Source: IANS