Opening cantonment roads a calibrated, monitored exercise: Army

New Delhi, May 28 : Allaying apprehensions about the security within the cantonments on opening all roads to civilian traffic, the Indian Army on Monday said that the move was a "deliberate, calibrated, monitored exercise".

However, the final decision on whether roads can be opened for civilian traffic completely, selectively or need to remain closed as in the past will be taken after a feedback from the Local Military Authorities (LMA), Army APRO Manoj Tuli said.

"Some roads were unilaterally kept closed for very long periods and a review was essential. A number of iterations were carried out with all stakeholders where views expressed by all concerned were deliberated upon.

"After giving due thought to the likely implications on the opening of roads, a considered decision was taken to open roads in military areas for one month and thereafter review the nature of traffic passing through these areas," he said.

Some military personnel and their families have expressed fears that the opening of roads may lead to a security situation or traffic congestion.

"It is a deliberate, calibrated and monitored exercise. The aim of opening roads in cantonments is to streamline the process of closure where required after carrying out assessment of the nature of traffic moving through cantonments by following due procedure," the Army APRO said.

He said that a "freehand has been given to the LMA to close and control access to the cantonments when there is actionable intelligence input or in case of emergencies".



Source: IANS