Our athletes will show world what India is about: PM Modi

New Delhi, July 31 : Expressing optimism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the Indian athletes would win the hearts of the world and would show it what India is about.

"Our athletes will win hearts of the world and will show the world what India is about, I am sure about it.

When the 2020 games take place, let every district affirm that one athlete from our district will represent India at those games.

Every player has worked hard to get here. They will surely give their best," Prime Minister Modi said at the 'Run for Rio' event. He said sports cannot be evaluated in loss or win, adding that the players fight for the pride of the nation, which is the biggest challenge.

"Every player has worked hard to get here. They will surely give their best. This time it is 119.let's make this resolution to make it more than 200 the next time," he added. Prime Minister Modi asserted that the BJP-led NDA Government at the Centre in the last two years has so far focused tremendously on sports.

"This time we are sending the contingent in advance, so that players are familiar with local conditions.

Earlier they got only few days. Two years ago itself, we started to study the reasons why our sportspersons were criticised so that we had enough time to work on them," he added.

Conveying his best wishes for the Rio Olympics, the Prime Minister said the games give a message of brotherhood.

"Sports is a necessity of life. Let everyone play and shine," he added. Prime Minister Modi flagged off the 'Run for Rio' at the at Major Dhyanchand National Stadium to celebrate the Olympic mood in the country, at a time when India is sending its largest ever contingent of athletes to participate in the Games.

Source: ANI