Over 120 Taliban insurgents killed last month in Afghanistan

Kabul [Afghanistan], September 9 : Afghanistan's Military officials in the northeast zone on Friday said that at least 120 Taliban fighters, including their 20 commanders, have been killed in the last one month in airstrikes and land operations by the security forces in Afghanistan.

Kunduz Police Chief General, Abdul Hamid Hamid said, "At least 26 militants were killed in our operation in a few villages (in Kunduz) and 19 others were wounded.

The area is fully cleared of insurgents," the Tolo News reported. The Military officials have said that the level of conflicts has gone down in some provinces including Badakhshan and Baghlan following the military operations.

"Taliban has suffered heavy losses in the airstrikes," Commander of the Second Regiment of the military corps Colonel Ziauddin said.

Feared of airstrikes and night raids, the Taliban militants have decreased their activities in the province, Badakhshan officials said.

"Our efforts are ongoing and we will remove their main strongholds in Wardooj and Yumgan districts (in Badakhshan) in the near future," commander of Afghan Army's Second Regiment in Badakhshan Naeem Majidi said.

Meanwhile, a number of Army soldiers said the airstrikes that target the Taliban and other insurgents are effective for their ground operations.

"When their (Taliban's) key commanders are killed in airstrikes or land operation, it positively impacts the morale of the soldiers," a soldier, Wahid said.

"The enemy's morale is low and they cannot fight against us," Salahuddin, another soldier, said. However, the Taliban spokesman refuted the claims, saying that the given number is not right..

Source: ANI