Over 2000 attend Kazakhstan’s spring renewal festival Nauryz

New Delhi [India], Mar.24 : Bilateral ties between India and Kazakhstan received further fillip when more than 2000 people attended the World Day of Nauryz organized by the Embassy of Kazakhstan at the Umrao Hotel in New Delhi earlier this week.

Nauryz in Kazakhstan symbolizes fertility, friendship and love. It is also observed as the feast of spring renewal. The chief guest at the event was Secretary (East) in the Ministry of External Affairs, Mrs. Preeti Saran. The event included a traditional fair, a cultural program that included performances by singers, dance and music groups.

Invited guests were also given a taste of popular Kazakh cuisine. Kazakhstan was represented by a music and dance group whose visit was specially organized by the embassy with the support of the Kazakh travel company Global Air.

The invitees enthusiastically responded to the national music, songs and dances of the Kazakh people, in particular, throat singing and playing on the Shankobyz (a metallic, tongue-played instrument made of silver and other precious metals.

To play it, it is held by the teeth and the mouth cavity serves as a resonator. Its chamber sound is most suitable for the lyrical songs. It is a favourite instrument for children and women alike) performed by AnarKasymova, some beautiful music performed by Dariga Kadyrova on the Kobyz (An ancient bowed instrument cut out of a whole piece of wood in gouged form.

I t has two strings of untwisted horsehair running across its length and the curved neck supported a head on which rings, bells and plates hang.

This sacred instrument was the embodiment of cosmos for the nomad. Traditionally it was used by shamans in their rituals and by epic-tellers) and a dance collective called "A DIVA" from Almaty.

The Kazakh dishes on offer for the guests included Kuyrdak, Nauryzkozhe, Bauyrsak, Irimshik, Zhent and Kurt.

These were prepared by the embassy staff. The national clothes, souvenirs and paintings of Kazakhstan were also displayed. The World Day of Nauryz was held for the third time in India, and saw both residents and guests of the Indian capital celebrating the spring holiday of the revival of life with joie de vivre (joy of living).

Well-known politicians, public figures, representatives of business, mass media and heads of several diplomatic missions also graced the occasion.

Source: ANI