Over 70% middle-aged Delhiites obese: Survey

New Delhi, Oct 3 : Over 70 per cent of the middle-aged people (between ages 31-50) in Delhi are overweight, morbidly obese or super obese, making them prone to heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, finds a city-based survey.

The findings showed that more than 50 per cent of these indulge in binge eating or midnight snacking -- with women indulging more in binge eating (33 per cent) than men (29 per cent).

With the fast-paced lives in the city, stress rates have also increased at an alarming rate.

Over 30 per cent suffer from hypertension and 24 per cent have diabetes, while 21.6 per cent are already facing cardiac issues.

"If our people do not get enough sleep, are stressed all the time and are indulging in binge eating and frequently smoking, we need to relook at overall health management," K.

K. Talwar, Chairman - Cardiology, Max Healthcare, said in a statement.

With a demanding professional and social life, intrusion of social media and technology, irregular daily routines, 44 per cent women and 57 per cent men experience frequently interrupted sleep patterns.

Over 26 per cent experience outright insomnia or erratic sleep.

"Lack of proper sleep coupled with increased alcohol and smoke consumption also affects the digestive system and blood pressure thereby increasing the risk factors for heart disease," Talwar said.

It was found that 73 per cent people consume alcohol with 14 per cent drinking more than 14 small pegs in a week.

Also, 44 per cent women and 32 per cent men smoke on a daily basis, while 35 per cent of 21-30 year olds and 25 per cent of 31-40 year olds finish a packet of cigarettes in a day.

"Women for the longest were thought to be protected from heart risk while in their reproductive years but numbers indicate that they aren't eating right, not working out and even indulging in higher levels of smoking and alcohol consumption," said Rajiv Aggarwal, Senior Director and Unit Head, Cardiology.

"All these habits erode their natural cover from heart risk and make them equally vulnerable to coronary ailments.

Healthy lifestyle is, therefore, recommended for all ages and for both men and women," he added.

The survey is based on approximately 1,000 Delhiites across age groups between 20 and 60 years.



Source: IANS