Over Rs.1 crore scholarships awarded to brilliant underprivileged girl students

Gurugram (Haryana) [India], Nov.10 (ANI-Newsvoir): Teena and Manisha Khandelwal were brilliant students throughout their schooling and were passionate about learning engineeringfrom a young age.

However, they faced a roadblock in terms of funding. Their father was extremely keen that his daughters pursue their passion for engineering and get an opportunity to study engineering at a leading institute.

Similarly, Nikita Baronia - the daughter of a grain merchant in Mauranipur - performed exceptionally well at school and was extremely interested in studying Computer Science.

Nikita faced a similar challenge to Teena and Manisha - one of insufficient monetary funds to pursue her studies.

Teena, Manisha, and Nikita are three of the sixteen academically bright girls with a passion for learning who have been awarded full scholarships as part of the Hero MotoCorp Hamari Pari scheme.

Traditionally, women make up a very low percentage of engineering batches - and in many cases women are pushed away from pursuing engineering.

These scholarships focus on empowering women who have a passion for engineering and help break the stigma of engineering being a male dominated field.

Hero MotoCorp also awarded scholarships to academically bright students in each discipline at BML Munjal University as part of its Education to Empower scholarship scheme.

Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal, Chancellor, BML Munjal University (BMU) elaborated, "I congratulate the deserving students on their accomplishment - especially the young girls from underprivileged backgrounds who have displayed courage and passion in following their academic goals despite all odds.

We believe that holistic education enables empowerment and leads to an evolved and equal society where opportunities exist for all.

These scholarships are a small step in this regard." According to Akshay Munjal, President, BML Munjal University (BMU), "We at BMU believe in providing a broad based learning environment to our students to equip them with the skills and education required to have a successful career in the long run.

We award students who display a passion for science, engineering and management - students who have the potential to become ethical leaders and entrepreneurs.

I am sure that initiatives like Hamari Pari will take educational programmes to the remotest corners of the country, thus giving students from all parts of the country an opportunity to pursue their passion for engineering and management." Hero MotoCorp offers two scholarships to students of BML Munjal University: 1.

Educate to Empower 'E2' - scholarships to the girl and boy in each discipline who are the top rank holders in the first year.

The scholarships will cover tuition, boarding, and lodging costs. In two years, scholarships worth approximately 70 lakhs have been awarded to the deserving students. 2. Hamari Pari' scholarships enables meritorious female students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds that have maintained an exemplary academic record throughout their schooling and at the university to pursue further studies in specialised streams.

The scholarship specifically encourages girl students to pursue engineering and management courses. In two years, scholarships worth 50 lakhs were awarded to students. (ANI-Newsvoir).

Source: ANI