Oxblood Lips, Spider lashes, Shimmery Golds- perfect autumn look!

New Delhi [India], Sept. 10 : Surrounded by yellow and orange leaves, the breeze of autumn brings a new chapter of fashion every year.

After the Paris, Milan, New York and London fashion weeks, people are completely enticed by the graphic eyeliners, glossy black lips, metallic shades, clumpy lashes and much more.

According to the make-up artist and stylist Naunidh Singh, the three makeup trends which will get most celebrated this fall would be 'Oxblood Lips,' 'Spider lashes' and 'The Shimmery Golds.' Firstly, the Oxblood is the color for the fall 2016.The year 2012 gave us a new name for a burgundy tilted red, oxblood.

Deep and wild, this name does justice to the shade. With so much variety available in the market, its crucial to chose the oxblood shade which suits your skin-tone and the shape of your lips.

"The thumb rule is to choose purple based red for cooler undertones and for warmer undertones, like the indian skin, brick colour or brown loaded reds are recommended.

Similarly, thin lips should go for lipsticks with a shiny or glossy look making them voluptuous and for fuller lips, matt should be the go to choice every time," Singh said.

"Remember, when doing such dark shades on your face, redness, blemishes and dark circles should be covered using correctors and concealers otherwise they will also stand out once you colour your lips with a deep red," added the artist.

Secondly, a teenager like attempt at lashes, clumpy and messy mascara look, is now desired by professionals in the name of spider lashes.

Unlike before, perfectly defined lashes are not the only technique. This look is more fun than sexy. Spider lashes pop the eyes making it a hit among the younger women. Even though it sounds easy, a lot of mascara and efforts go into getting the look. ''I suggest that the prominence of your lashes should be matched with the prominence of the brows. The bolder brows will bring out the effect of the spider lashes phenomenally and people won't be able to figure out whats so sexy about your eyes.

Use a deep brown to fill them and shape them using a brow brush. See the difference and thank us later," Singh said. Thirdly, shimmery golds are going to be every girl's rule book for parties this season. Just grab the sparkly gold from your palette and dress your eyes with it . To achieve this look just outline your lash line and water line with a black kohl . Add a little warm brown on your crease, outer corner and a little outside your water line, blend well to achive the ultimate smokey look.

This will convert your look from an alien style to more edgy and chic. Now simply paste your shimmery gold on your lids and the inner corner. Even though runways in Paris and Milan are setting trends in the world, our very own Desi style isn't far behind.

Keep your mind open to the new techniques introduced by Indian artists as they are more probable to match your skin tone and type.

Look around and if anything catches your eye, try it. Don't be afraid!.

Source: ANI