Pak asks Nobel committee to consider Edhi for peace prize

Islamabad, July 24 : Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) leader Syed Khurshid Shah has made the first official effort to nominate deceased humanitarian and philanthropist Abdul Sattar Edhi for the Nobel Peace Prize. Shah has written to the Nobel Committee in Norway with a request to nominate Edhi for the prestigious prize for his "unmatchable services for the cause of humanity", reports the Dawn. Highlighting Edhi's services, Shah wrote that the late humanitarian was the founder of the largest non-profit social welfare organisation in Pakistan and had "proved his commitment to humanity beyond any discrimination and prejudice". "This level of trust of millions of people was earned by him through decades of devoted, consistent and transparent efforts," reads the letter released on Saturday. Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani had earlier constituted a special committee, consisting of former Senate chairmen and the current leaders of the house and opposition to pursue Edhi's case. However, according to the Nobel Committee's rules, the award cannot be given posthumously unless the death occurs after the announcement of the prize.