Pak-based 3D artist Waqas Ahmad calls for gov aid to promote this art form

Karachi [Pakistan], Sept. 9 : Looks like Pakistan is all set to take a step forward in terms of 3D street art, popular in the Wast.

Waqas Ahmad, a local 3D street artist from Pakistan recently appealed for government support for promotion of 3D art in the country and said the art is becoming popular around the world with each passing day.

In an interview with the Dawn, Ahmad explained the uniqueness of this type of art and what all is required to make it popular among people.

"3D art is different and much costlier from fine arts. The expenses in making a 3D painting ranges between Rs20,000 and Rs25,000," he said, adding, "The art should be promoted in all government and private educational institutions to enable the young generation to be on a par with technologically advanced nations." Recalling his initiation, Ahmad said he had been involved with 3D art since 2010 when a UK-based animator, Abdul Rehman, encouraged him to explore new vistas of this form of art and promote it in Pakistan.

He also said that his skill in 3D art was "god-gifted" and claimed to be the first 3D street artist in the country when he started off five years ago.

Ahmad also teaches calligraphy, fine arts and 3D art in various private educational institutions in Sialkot to support his family.

Following apathy from the administration towards this art form, Ahmad had even torched 75 of his fine and 3D art paintings in protest.

The artist said he intends to hold an exhibition of his art pieces at national as well as international podiums to promote his country in the world of 3D art.

Source: ANI