Pak Court summons jail superintendent following attack on Indian prisoner

Peshawar, Aug. 3 : The superintendent of Central Prison Peshawar has been summoned by the High Court to appear before it on charges of locking Indian national Hamid Nehal Ansari in cell with hardened prisoners.

Justices Musarrat Hilali and Qalandar Ali heard the case on Tuesday after petitioner's counsel Qazi Muhammad Anwar told the court that an inmate attacked him, reports the Express Tribune.

Anwar said the Indian national was kept in the barrack after the attack and then shifted to death cell, adding the superintendent later ordered his shifting to the hospital.

The counsel said that his client was neither shifted to the hospital nor given a secure place and was kept with dangerous prisoners.

Meanwhile, Deputy Attorney General Musarratullah said that if the Indian High Commission has any reservations, it should take up the issue with the Pakistani Government rather than contacting Ansari's lawyer.

Indian national Hamid Nehal had entered Pakistan with a fake identity card sent in by Facebook friends, who left him in a Kohat hotel on November 14, 2012, before he was arrested.

He was sentenced to three years imprisonment for espionage..

Source: ANI