Pak film-maker directs video for American band

Karachi, Aug. 9 : Islamabad based film-maker Shahana Khan has recently shot a music video for an American rock band 'Walk the Moon' featuring local street children.

The video was filmed in Islamabad's Saidpur village through November 2015 and was uploaded on social media this year, reports The Express Tribune.

Sharing about the idea behind the video, Shahana said one song that resonated in her mind as she heard about the album was 'We Are the Kids'.

"I thought 'We Are the Kids' was great but didn't get enough attention," said Shahana. "It struck me because I spent most of my formative years in Islamabad and was friends with a lot of street children.

In fact, whenever I am in the city, I still meet them. I started imagining the song through the lens of their stories," she added. Shahana further revealed that she has always been a fan of the band and friends with its lead vocalist Nicholas Petricca.

Known for its 2014 hit 'Shut Up and Dance,' the band shared the video on its social media pages. "Our friend [Shahana] came to us with the beautiful idea to film a video in her home country of Pakistan," the post read.

Shahana recently got a stint as part of the production team for 'Live from the Artists Den', which is now in its 11th season and has hosted musicians such as Adele, Ed Sheeran and Ringo Starr.

Source: ANI