Pak patronising terrorists to crush Indian democracy: Congress

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], Oct. 17 : The Congress Party has backed Prime Minister Narendra Modi's assertion that Pakistan was the 'mother-ship' of terrorism and alleged that the hostile Asian neighbour was hell bent upon patronizing various terrorist groups aimed at breaking the Indian democratic system.

Congress leader Pradip Bhattacharya told ANI there is no doubt about the fact that Pakistan is a breeding ground of terrorism.

"Intentionally and with a full calculation they are patronizing terrorist groups. For what? To crush the Indian democratic system...The intention of Pakistan is very clear... If India proceeds very fast then it will be very dangerous for Pakistan," he added. In a veiled attack on Pakistan, Prime Minister Modi yesterday said Islamabad embraces and radiates the darkness of terrorism and terrorism has become its "favourite child." Addressing the BRICS-BIMSTEC outreach summit in Goa, Prime Minister Modi said that terrorism, radicalization and transnational crimes, pose grave threats to all the countries of the group.

"Geographical barriers and borders pose no limitations on those who wish to harm our societies. In South Asia and BIMSTEC, all nation states barring one are motivated to pursue a path of peace, development and economic prosperity for its people.

Unfortunately, this country in India's neighbourhood embraces and radiates the darkness of terrorism," the Prime Minister said.

" Terrorism has become its favourite child and the child in turn has come to define the essential character and nature of its parents.

The time for condemning the state sponsored terrorism is long gone," he added. The Prime Minister called on the member states and the world community to stand up and act boldly against terrorism and those who nurture it.

"To those who nurture the philosophy of terror and seek to de-moralise mankind, we must send a clear message to mend their ways or be isolated in the civilized world," he said.

Source: ANI