Pak PM for safeguarding rights of religious minorities

Katas Raj (Punjab) [Pakistan], jan 12 : Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has assured of safeguarding rights of religious minorities in the country and said that every effort would be made to give them due status in the society.

The Prime Minister who earlier inaugurated refurbishment renovation and a water filtration plant at the Katas Raj Temple said humanity was the greatest religion of all and no one was permitted to discriminate on the basis of caste colour and creed, reports the Geo News.

"I am the Prime Minister of all Pakistanis be it a Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian or any other you all are equal," he said at the ocassion.

He said Islam, in particular, forbade anyone from calling bad names to other religions and their places of worship.

The event was attended by representatives of Muslims, Sikh, Hindu, Christian and Parsi religions. He added that it was the moral responsibility of all to keep divine scriptures and religious books in high esteem and regretted that some religious leaders fanned sentiments of hatred among people in sheer misinterpretation of Islam.

The Prime Minister said the history of Katas Raj Temple was over 5, 000 years old and was a focal point of four civilisations including Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Christianity.

He mentioned that Persian scholar and polymath Al Beruni at the same place had computed earth's circumference.

Prime Minister Sharif also directed the Chairman of the Evacuee Trust Board to take care of the properties of the minorities and ensure they were in the best possible condition.

Source: ANI