`Pakeezah` actress Geeta Kapoor’s son should be arrested: Ashoke Pandit

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 1 : Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit has demanded that Geeta Kapoor's son, who has allegedly abandoned her in a hospital halfway through her treatment, should be arrested to send a strong message across the society.

"A mother being abandoned by son is the biggest crime which any human being can commit. We request Deven Bharti (joint commissioner of police, law and order) to arrest him as soon as possible and take appropriate action as per the law so that a message goes in the society that a senior citizen, a mother, cannot be treated like this," Pandit told ANI.

The 60-year-old has arranged an old age home for the 'Pakeezah' actress. "I am thankful to the hospital for taking care of Geeta ji. We are shifting Geeta ji to a very dignified old age home. The entire film industry is with her. The main aim is that she gets back her dignity, honour and fights back. We just want to tell her if the son she gave birth to has abandoned her, the entire humanity is standing by her," he added.

The filmmaker paid for the actress' hospital bills and treatment after her son reportedly left her at Goregaon's SRV hospital under the pretext of withdrawing cash from a nearby ATM.

Geeta, whose son is said to be a choreographer, has worked in films such as 'Pakeezah' and 'Razia Sultan'.

Source: ANI