Pakistan: Security tightened along Sindh-Balochistan border

Islamabad [Pakistan], Oct. 12 : Hundreds of police personnel have been deployed by Sindh along its border with Balochistan after investigators found that the suspects involved in the last month's two terrorist attacks in Shikarpur had come from the neighbouring province.

According to the sources and senior official, the decision has been taken to stop suspects from entering Sindh, reports the Dawn.

The authorities were convinced by the investigations into the last month's foiled attacks that its planners, handlers and perpetrators had from the neighbouring province.

The findings had forced Sindh authorities to take up the matter with their Balochistan counterparts and tighten the security along the border.

Sindh authorities have deployed the policemen on key border points as a first step in this matter. The Sindh authorities are waiting for the Balochistan government to take the same measures on their side of the border.

Sindh IGP A.D. Khowaja confirmed that they have deployed a total of 400 policemen along their side of the border. "The move is part of our plan to keep an eye on suspects and we have been coordinating with the Balochistan authorities at every level.

I personally contacted the Balochistan IG and our [Sindh] chief minister has interacted with his counterpart in Quetta for better and coordinated efforts for security arrangements," Khowaja said.

Law-enforcement agencies had foiled the two suicide blasts during Eid prayers in Shikarpur's Khanpur tehsil in which thirteen people were injured, including five policemen.

Two attackers had targeted an Eid prayer ground where one assailant blew himself up, injuring 10 people.

The other attacker fled away. The police had claimed that the arrested suspect, identified as Usman, provided important information during interrogation.

A senior official said, "The police probe showed that Usman along with Abdul Rehman, who blew himself up, reached Shikarpur by a motorbike after travelling for three hours.

The probe suggested that they had stayed somewhere in Jaffarabad, a district in Balochistan." The official stated that the move to tighten security at the border was initiated after the January 2015 attack.

However, the border security plan failed to meet the reality checks from both sides and finally got the authorities' attention after the last month's incident.

"In 2015 as well as the last month, unfortunately, the planners, handlers and attackers all used Balochistan land and entered Sindh hours before the incidents," the official said.

"So it was realised that it's very crucial to keep an eye on key points if not all along the border," he added.

Source: ANI