Panchjanya calling Amazon as East India Company corroborates CAIT’s view

New Delhi, Sep 27 : The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has greatly appreciated the lead article carried by forthcoming edition of Panchjanya which has cited Amazon as East India Company.

It said the article has corroborated the constant stand of CAIT since last two years that both Amazon (and) Flipkart are trying to become second edition of East India Company in India.

CAIT said that it's a matter of fact that the business model of these two companies are similar to that of East India Company selling goods at a cheaper rate irrespective of the quality dominating their choice and making them habitual of purchasing cheap goods, killing competition and then enter into crony capitalism and monopolise the market in their favour and then selling goods at a higher price and in absence of any competition leaving no choice to consumer but to purchase the goods at their dictated price.

This is exactly what East India Company did and invaded the Country. Both Amazon (and) Flipkart want to invade our Country's both economy and social culture through capturing e-commerce and retail trade of India.

CAIT urged the Central Govt to immediately notify the e-commerce rules under consumer Protection Act to put a break to sinister designs of Amazon and Flipkart.

The inordinate delay is killing smart traders at the hands of Amazon and Flipkart. So far more than 2 lakh shops have been forced to close due to mal-practices both these companies which is irking traders of the country and therefore implementation of rules is utmost necessary.



Source: IANS